Print & Digital: Concept and Art Direction

These examples show design concepts that integrate printed and digital media.


Presentation material for a project that included a 50-page fine jewelry catalog, an email campaign, a website landing page tailored to the campaign, splash panels for the tablet and phone app and retail signage.


This concept also included keyframes
for broadcast advertising.



The presentation of this marketing event featured several different concepts. The superhero concept
once again illustrates the integration of traditional and digital media.


RR Website 03.jpg

In 2017 I designed the book “These Trees” by Ruthie Rosauer from cover to cover.
In it are 176 pages of original photography by Ruth, which she paired with the prose and
poetry of twenty authors. I designed her website in conjunction with the book.

The site featured a retail section for Ruth’s book and gift items as well as
her blog and ways for other tree lovers to interact.

RR Website 02.jpg
RR Website 05.jpg
Art Direction_67.jpg
RR Website 07.jpg
RR Website 06.jpg
RR Website 08.jpg

MDay_2015 Covers.jpg
MDay_2015 Covers3.jpg

Components from a Mother’s Day promotion that showed the client how a catalog-tailored
concept would overlay their online retail apps and evolve the brand.

HomePage_M Day 2015_2.jpg
M Day Email Blast Concept_2.jpg
MDay_2015 Gift Brochure.jpg

Helzberg Wedding_Digital 07.jpg
Helzberg Wedding_Digital 08.jpg
Helzberg Wedding_Digital 09.jpg

This was a major wedding promotion that combined a full bridal catalog and this
multi-panel brochure. Both printed pieces featured CTAs on all social media platforms
and was supported by a robust microsite, email campaigns and sweepstakes.

Helzberg Wedding_Digital 01.jpg
Bridal microsite – The Helzberg bridal experience.

Bridal microsite – The Helzberg bridal experience.

Explore many customer service options.

Explore many customer service options.

Upload engagement photos.

Upload engagement photos.

Shop spectacular jewelry.

Shop spectacular jewelry.

Helzberg Wedding_Digital 10.jpg
Helzberg Wedding_Digital 11.jpg
Helzberg Wedding_Digital 12.jpg

SPRING Concept Easel_Banners-1.jpg

This project for Helzberg Diamonds shows how my concept was developed to
integrate the digital and traditional retail scope. Every page of the 50-page catalog featured
a call-to-action on social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook.

Spring 2016_Final B-1.jpg

The design and art direction were geared to offer customers an interactive experience
and encouraged sharing their jewelry-inspired moments.

SPRING Concept Easel_Banners-3.jpg
Spring 2016_Final A-7.jpg
SPRING Concept Easel_Banners-2.jpg

The springtime catalog covered all jewelry selections and highlighted Mother’s Day
and various bridal categories. This Zac Posen collection was regularly featured
and an important part of my art direction responsiblities.

Spring 2016_Final B-3.jpg
SPRING Concept Easel_Banners-4.jpg
Spring Celebration Email_3.jpg
Spring Celebration Email_2.jpg
Spring Celebration Email.jpg

A sweepstakes conducted online using paid social media and email.

166-001244_RA Sweeps_PaidSocial.jpg
Royal Asscher Sweeps_email.jpg