Print: Art Direction Design & Graphics

Samples from my portfolio that illustrate my range.

These Trees_Cover.jpg

I designed and art directed the book “These Trees”, which encompassed
176 pages and featured the original photography of Ruth Rosauer. Ruth curated a
collection of verse and poetry from twenty authors and together we paired those
with the photos across six chapters that visually depict the aspects of trees.


“These Trees” was produced in a formal style with colophon, preface, table of contents,
a dedication and acknowledgements. A section details each of the featured authors
and each photograph used in the book is visually indexed with species and location.


Ruth provided dozens of outtakes and relied on my judgement to select, crop
and position the best of them. Ruth had definite ideas, but in many cases I surprised her
with my combinations and layouts.

These Trees_Card_5X7_042.jpg
These Trees_Card_5X7_043.jpg

The book generated much interest and I contributed by designing ads and
promo cards for personal appearances and book signing events.

Mtn Exp Ad_Oct_2017_H.jpg
Bold Life Ad_Sept_2017.jpg

2016 Holiday Cover Concept_R24.jpg
2016 Holiday Easel Concept 5.jpg
2016 Holiday Easel Concept-Stocking.jpg

Holiday concept for catalog and direct mail.

Beautiful Surprises_Mailer_2.jpg
Beautiful Surprises_Mailer_3.jpg

Art Direction_34.jpg

This award-winning POP display for JCPenney has a three-dimensional pyramid shape.

IAL_Catalog Cover.jpg

Daisy Print Layout_Chili.jpg

A print campaign for Daisy Sour Cream that targets all demographics of
the Daisy consumer and features original art by three illustrators.

Daisy Print Layout_Canapes.jpg
Daisy Print Layout_Crepes.jpg
Daisy Print Layout_Tacos.jpg
Daisy Print Layout_Omelet.jpg


For several years I was lead AD for the Mission Foods account with two different agencies.
I worked with photographers and stylists dedicated to making the food look great.
The photography was mostly editorial and used in consumer promotions as well as
print ads in consumer and trade publications.

Art Direction_38.jpg
Art Direction_25.jpg
Art Direction_24.jpg
Art Direction_29.jpg
Art Direction_30.jpg

Enviro Concepts_1.jpg

As an AD on the Mission Foods account I did a lot of concept work
for display and promotion. These drawings are concepts
for free-standing expo kiosks.

Enviro Concepts_2.jpg
Enviro Concepts_3.jpg

Art Direction_21.jpg

430 Taco Trail Flyer-1.jpg
430 Taco Trail Graphic 01.jpg

The client is dedicated to helping consumers prepare
family meals at home and this promotion is designed to do just that
with coupon savings and in-store merchandising.

430 Taco Trail Graphic 02.jpg
430 Taco Trail Graphic 03.jpg
430 Taco Trail Graphic 04.jpg
430 Taco Trail Graphic 05.jpg
430 Taco Trail Flyer-3.jpg
Taco Night Merchandising-1.jpg

Mission Foods Sizzling Summer - 040128.jpg

Two elaborate POP displays that featured die-cut pop-up toppers and recipe card holders. The
displays were fabricated from corrugated board. The Tower of Terror display features a
lenticular panel with lightning bolts and sweepstakes messaging. The base unit is
semi-permanent with changeable toppers and side panels. The Sizzling Summer unit received
a POPAI award for outstanding design in its category.

TOT Topper Sketch-1.jpg
TOT Topper.jpg

My pencil comp and the illustrator’s first draft.

My work as an AD on food accounts includes many agency projects for
Daisy Brand Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese.

Daisy Cottage Cheese_01.jpg
Daisy Cottage Cheese_02.jpg

Here are print ads and a brochure designed to give consumers delightful ways
to enjoy the product.

Daisy CC Booklet_Cover.jpg
Daisy CC Booklet_Flap 1.jpg
Daisy CC Booklet_Coupon.jpg
Daisy CC Booklet_Spread 1.jpg
Daisy CC Booklet_Panel 1.jpg
Daisy CC Booklet_Spread 2.jpg
Daisy CC Booklet_Spread 4.jpg
Daisy CC Booklet_Spread 5.jpg

Effy StitchIn_Final-1.jpg
Effy StitchIn_Final-2.jpg

As an agency AD for Helzberg Diamonds my work included several jeweler partnerships
for which I designed customized marketing pieces such as this brochure and invitation.
The catalog spread for EFFY had a similar look and feel.

Effy StitchIn_Final-1A.jpg
Effy Invitation_r03-1.jpg
Effy Invitation_r03-2.jpg

Art Direction_40.jpg

My agency work led to this project for an east coast jeweler. The catalog took three months
to produce. The layouts were hand-drawn in advance and used by the
photographer upon approval. One of the most exciting aspects was selecting
the jewelry from a much larger collection. And those prices are real.

Art Direction_41.jpg
Art Direction_42.jpg
Art Direction_43.jpg
Art Direction_44.jpg