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It's true, being me is a full-time gig.

It's amazing, over the past thirty-three years I have at one time or another been a graphic designer, an art director, a packaging designer and so-called creative person.

My professional life has been widely-varied and has led me from Westerly, RI to Hartford, CT, to New York City and Dallas, TX.

The first six years were in Manhattan, immersed in the cosmetics industry. The following twenty-seven have been in Dallas. Between the two cities I have worked for companies and agencies – most often as a staff member, but also as a freelancer.

It is not inevitable that all marketing and advertising creatives become fine artists at some point. However, that is what I set out to do and back in 2000 I realized my paintings and fine art embodied who I am – mind, body and soul.

Now, I face something of a dilemma. Do I simply negate the collected portfolios (physical and digital) of my life's career? Or do I share them with an audience to whom I am a relative stranger?

Guess what? I'm sharing.

I don't know if it's any good or what it all means but it sure is fun to look at. I hope you agree and will visit my site often. – Gary Perrone


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