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Gary Perrone is a man of creativity. A lifetime artist and imaginative thinker, he now creates and resides in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Perrone, a longtime Dallas resident, became a disciple of graphic design upon obtaining a BFA from the University of Hartford/Hartford Art School in 1983. Since then he has been a designer and creative director in both New York City and Dallas.

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In 2001, Perrone turned his attention to creating fine art. The question arose, what do thoughts look like and how can they be rendered visually? As he puts it, “The thought process of what to create became the very thing I wanted to paint.” His paintings, referred to as Subroutines, attempt to capture the endless rhythm of thought, conscious or otherwise, that is the “white noise” of the greater consciousness.

Artistic Intention – Gary Perrone – 2001

The concept for my paintings is based on the idea that thoughts, indiscernible to the naked eye, can be represented visually. With that idea, I aim to give shape to my own thought processes or the visual noise within my mind. I see mental subroutines as having rhythm and chaos and color; they are omnipresent layers that can obscure the true nature of things. A certain kind of order emerges as thoughts materialize on the canvas, which I believe reveals the innermost self.

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